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T23 Linux as prime partition

I have XP Pro on a T23.  This has been a super laptop.   This 'tank' has never gone casters up, hardware wise, even though MS has taken some strange detours and crashed for no apparent reason. (had it since it was new ... over 12 years).  I know that XP support will be discontinued soon (so says MS ...hmmm, well maybe !!!) and that my HD has probably been spun to near death, but   I do not want to keep an operating system running online if it becomes a security risk, so I was looking at keeping this laptop operational with LInux until it could no longer function.   


I have downloaded Ibuntu and ran it as a test  under windows (did not install it).  I have a 40GB HD, so would you recommend that I create a second partition and install Ibuntu there?  If so, how much space should I allocate to it and how much space should I leave between XP and the Ubuntu partition?   I would like to use Linux as my only primary partition with online access and leave XP offline.  My XP system (total)  uses almost 20GB of my HD.   To make Linux prime, does it have to be the first partition on the HD?    


If I get to like Linux, I will delete the XP partition next year.  I will only be keeping it if Linux does not work out for me. 



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Re: T23 Linux as prime partition

The manual approach is to spin up that Ubuntu live CD, use gParted to shrink your XP partition, run the Ubuntu installer, let it use the available space, install grub to the MBR, create an entry in the grub menu for XP, and you're done.


The automatic way (I'm pretty sure the Ubuntu installer will do this these days) is to just run the installer and let it do all the above, with partition sizes that you specify.


I run my *nix partitions (both physical and virtual) at around 10G, but I don't do much with them other than edit and test drivers.  That's a pretty small HD, but maybe 25G for XP and the rest for Ubuntu for now?  You can always change that later.


Linux doesn't have to be in the first partition.  In fact, it can be installed in a logical partition.  You will need to let it install its boot loader in the MBR (this should be the default) and it will/should add an entry for XP so you can pick the OS you want to boot.


Have a look at this



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