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[T410] Disabling HDD standby-mode

I just installed Linux Mint (kernel 3.0.0-1) onto my Thinkpad T410 and I noticed that the hard disk goes to standby mode quite often when there's no load and I think that this causes some "lag" when I try to do something and the disk has to spin up again. Is it possible to disable this feature or at least set the standby time delay to something like 10 minutes (hdparm, but with which parameters)? Is it possible to change it in the operating system or BIOS or is it hard-coded into the drive firmware? The "Turn off hard disks" option in Xfce power manager settings is unchecked.


Some drive info (hdparm -i):


Model=WDC WD2500BEVT-08A23T1, FwRev=02.01A02


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Re: [T410] Disabling HDD standby-mode

According to The Google, the -S parameter is supposed to do it.  I haven't tried it.


hdparm(8) - Linux man page



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