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Re: T410: How to dual boot Win 7 with Ubuntu?

Thank you for your patience. I will make my recovery discs and install ubuntu tomorrow Smiley Very Happy


What's DOS?
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Re: T410: How to dual boot Win 7 with Ubuntu?



I'm new at linux so I'm pretty lost as to what to do next...

I just got a thinkpad t410, and I also want to dual boot with linux. I'd like to run it on a separate partition.


So my question is, I want to keep the current version of windows 7 on my thinkpad, and also to install ubuntu linux. Where would I go to partition my disk space? Would it be within windows, or should I do the partitioning when I install linux?


As well, I read around other forums talking about the original three partitions the thinkpad came with out of the box. Which partitions are necessary to keep, and which are expendable? I only have 128 gb of space, so I'd like to make the most out of it Smiley Happy I've made the recovery boot and media disks, so I assume that means i can get rid of the partition for media back up? More importantly, how would i get rid of these partitions corretly?


I've been trying to look for the LOWEST level guide but there aren't any Smiley Sad  I dont want to make any mistakes haha.





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