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Re: T500 linux short battery life

I just came across this thread after installing Ubuntu 9.0.4 on my T500, and am suffering from the same poor battery life. Running Vista earns me @ six hours on maximum battery life, integrated graphics etc. Yet on Ubuntu it comes down to little over two hours.


Does this only seem to be afflicting only Ubuntu users, or all non-microsoft operating systems in general?

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Re: T500 linux short battery life

Another user has worked out some power saving methods for Ubuntu:


What he has essentially done is gone over each componenent that consumes power and modified its power settings.  When it comes down to it you have to consider:


- CPU frequency scaling (i.e. when on battey, you might be better off using only 33% of its potential)

- Lower brightness (1/2 of full)

- Bluetooth/wireless could potentially be off.

- Use the integrated card over discrete card and turn off compiz.

- USB ports/PCMCIA ports/Modem/CDROM all off or on low consumption settings.



Good luck.

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