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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Yoga "Battery not installed" and "Detection error on SSD2(m.2)" after Ubuntu install

Hey guys,


i got my TPY a few day now and i needed to install Linux on it.

Due to driver issues  i decided to install 13.10 Ubuntu.


After installing Ubuntu there was the all known confusing with the bootloaders. I fixed this using easy bcd in windows 8.

But after the restart there was the first mistake:


1) before the loading screen of windows and before the boot drive select menue there is appearing the following error:

" 2101: Detection error on SSD2 (M.2)

 Press Esc to continue."

After pressing Esc i can boot windows or ubuntu without problems. Reseting the Bios (load default OS optimized) did not change this error.


So i thought flashing the bios could help because i noticed installed version is 1.07 and current is 1.08 so i could update. Since the TPY got no CD drive, i needed to go with the windows bios flash utility( cause i got no usb cd drive).

Entering windows again, there was the second error:


2) Windows is saying when hovering the battery in taskbar, that "Battery is not installed".

   But i can run from battery without using power cord. So definetly the battery is installed.

  So i cross checked in Ubuntu and there it is the same, battery not installed.


So i thought flasing bios could help this too, so lets try it.

And what did happened? I am not allowed to flash the bios because there is no battery in there.......

Bios flash utility for windows is not letting me flash without battery installed. Witch in fact is installed but not recognized by windows/ linux.


Resetting Windows to factory defaults did not help at all. Same erros, no changes!

Uninstalling Ubuntu did not help as well.


What did i try?

  • reset windows to factory defaults
  • load bios defautls
  • uninstall Ubuntu
  • repair bootloader with command prompt in recovery mode of Windows
  • change bios options
  • disable secure boot
  • disable internal battery in bios


So i guess somewhere there need to be a software problem because i hope i can not destroy the battery with installing ubuntu?


I do not know what to try next. I am out of ideas.


BTW: lenovo why there is no easy option to flash bios from usb, when TPY got no cd drive?

i tried a very complex way with a bootable usb stick but did not succed.


I hope someone can give me hint and help me solving that issue.


The unit is fully functional but it is so annoying to skip the erro at startup and to not know whats with the battery...





Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-20-2013
Location: Germany
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga "Battery not installed" and "Detection error on SSD2(m.2)" af

okay. it seems like i could fix both problem at once,


"all" needed to do is to reformat the whole sdd. So i lost my recovery partition( at least i hope i can get the backup of this recovery partition to work).

Finally reinstall a fresh new windows 8.1 and both errors are gone.

Doing the reset to factory settings was not enough.

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