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Touch Inductive panel doesn't work on Ubuntu

I have an Ideapad Y530 with Ubuntu 8.10. From all the buttons on the touch inductive panel and some fo the Fn+F... combinations, don't have any function. The only one that works is the mute volume, for all the others, they are lighted and brighter when touched, but no action is done.

I would like to know if that panel is related to the keyboard, since it's not present on the lspci list and on the usb only appears the integrated camera.


THanks in advance for any help.

Paper Tape
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Re: Touch Inductive panel doesn't work on Ubuntu

Hey Arashiko,


You can probaly get those buttons to work, but you will need to map them manually. To do so, do as follows.


In the case of regular buttons

1. Open up a command prompt and run run sudo apt-get install xev (If it says that it's already installed, then it's fine)

2. Run xev as a normal user from the command prompt

3. Place your mouse cursor in the square and press any of the buttons. It should respond to you with a keycode

4. Edit your xmodmap file (/etc/X11/Xmodmap) and give the keycodes a function (See this tutorial for details:

5. Add responses to those keycodes in gnome.


In case of acpi related buttons

1. Open up a terminal and run sudo lsmod to verify if the tp_smapi kernel module is installed. If this is not the case try running sudo apt-get install tp_smapi (or something similar, I don't know what the package is called in Ubuntu, but thats what it's called in Gentoo).

2. After the installation run modprobe tp_smapi to load the kernel module. (Don't forget to add your tp_smapi to your kernel autoload script).

3. Now run sudo apt-get install acpi-tools, run acp_listen and start pressing Fn related combinations (for Suspend for example). Keycodes should start popping up. Now start altering your acpid configuration files to start responding to the button combinations.

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