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Ubuntu linux 10.10 Wireless problem on S10-3S


I just installed Ubuntu linux on my S10-3S.
Everything seems to be working fine exept for the "fn + F5" combo and the wireless nettwork card,

When I turn the switch for wireless on the right side of the laptop the bluetooth enables but the wlan card does not.
I installed a "Restricted Driver", the broadcom STA driver, (seems to be the BCM4313 card)
Tried a xp driver and after this i can finaly see the wlan option on the network utility in ubuntu, but I can't seem to enable it.
run iwconfig, then i get that all wireless has no extention.

try ifconfig wlan0 up. but no can do


any hints.

Btw, i removed the windows 7 starter image from the computer because lets face it Win7 Starter is useless, cant even change background. i'ts like byeing a school or work computer and not getting a admin user.

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Re: Ubuntu linux 10.10 Wireless problem on S10-3S

please, take a look at this thread first.


ps: you could've changed the background by using small application called  w7sbc
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Re: Ubuntu linux 10.10 Wireless problem on S10-3S

Are you happy with BCM4313 ? I cant make it work correctly on lenovo G470


-- g470 s103t
Lenovo G470 | Model Name : 20078 | M fg Date: 11/03/23 | BIOS: 40CN23WW(V2.09) 06/20/2011 | CPU: i5-2410M | Linux version 3.3.4lenovog470+ (root@lap) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-4) ) #8 SMP Tue May 1 10:23:48 CEST 2012

Lenovo S10-3t | Model Name : 0651 | Mfg Date: 2010/06/08
Paper Tape
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Re: Ubuntu linux 10.10 Wireless problem on S10-3S

it do not gaine speed more than 75 mb
I have replaced it with Intel 6250 Smiley Happy
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