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Who has what distros running on a w500. Are are the drivers and devices working?


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Re: W500



ive checked out the specs of W500 ubuntu and SUSE 11 should work for you out fo the box also go for fedora 8 or 9



What's DOS?
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Re: W500

Everything is working fine for me, with the exception of the video drivers.  The card is the Mobility Fire GL V5700, if, in Suse 11 I endable desktop effects or comiz, the screen turns black.  Updating the drivers does nothing, I have tried the Radeo HD3650 drivers as well, to no avail.  I called ATI, and talked to a very rude representitive, he informed me that the card is based off of a desktop version and linux drivers for the desktop version are offered as a courtesy on linux, they have no plans of supplying said drivers for a laptop.  Upon inquiring that the drivers are unavailable for any os for the GL V5700 the rep. hung up....  This was after waiting 20 minutes in the que for support, I am currently working with the Lenovo support for help on this issue, any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Blue Screen Again
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Re: W500

I have trouble installing Opensuse (os won't even load), but Ubuntu works very very well.   The only problem I see is the switchable graphic and the keyboard shortcut unable to work. 


Either Linux require you to manually shut down graphic auto-detect in bios and run either discreet or onboard exclusively.  I believe an update will be here soon.  At least it work better than XP 64bit or any of the Vista for me.

Paper Tape
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Re: W500

I tried Gentoo and Backtrack 3, it works but both network cards (gig and wifi) aren't working, so it's kinda hard doing something.




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