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Paper Tape
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Want to use built-in camera in linux.

Dear All,



I purchased a Lenovo G570 (Model Name: 20079).

It has Core i3 2350M and 4GB RAM.


I have installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop.


How can I use the built-in camera of my laptop?



Srinivas Nayak

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Re: Want to use built-in camera in linux.



The few articles I Googled on this topic indicated that the webcam should Just Work.  Does this guide help?


Ubuntu Documentation > Community Documentation > Webcam



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Re: Want to use built-in camera in linux.

I did test it using skype it worked flawlessly ... I have to test it using jingle too


Btw do you know the specs of that cam ?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Want to use built-in camera in linux.

I usually use Cheese to test/record/take photos. 

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