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What's DOS?
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X1 Extreme Centos 7.6.1810 - Kernel Panic

Brand new Laptop X1E regular IPS (no touch), latest firmware installed.

During install of Centos, screen inverts. Resumes and install completes. 

If closing the lid, led in capslock starts blinking, laptop is dead. powercycling only solution.

If not closing the lid - after random time cursor laggs to the unusable extent, pc more or less unusable, need to power cycle to get running again.

Anyone seen same behaviour? Resolution? Any Ideas?

According to should be ok ...

Kernel Panic on stable releases normally mean faulty hardware, but this should have been detected before shipping or? 

Punch Card
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Re: X1 Extreme Centos 7.6.1810 - Kernel Panic

Not sure what is causing this behavior, but there are a couple of things you need to be aware off:


* If you X1E runs with a BIOS version less than 1.17, you need to upgrade the BIOS.  Install 1.17 (or the current version 1.18).


* I could only install Linux (I use Debian) after setting the graphics mode in the BIOS to "discrete".  IMPORTANT: Do *not* change this setting if you run with a BIOS version less than 1.17.  It will brick your X1E and you need to send it in for repair (that happened to me).


With this setting, your installer should work fine.  If the CentOS installer refuses to cooperate, give Pop!_OS from System76 a chance.  With this distribution, everything works pretty much out of the box.





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