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What's DOS?
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X1 Yoga 3rd Gen S3 Sleep BIOS Update

Any idea if the recently released BIOS update (v1.30 I think) that enabled S3 sleep on the X1C6 will be coming the the 3rd Gen X1 Yoga? I asked Lenovo on Twitter but they responded that there are no official plans for a BIOS fix for the Yoga. Anyone else heard any different or have any further information?


It seems like the DSDT patch method no longer works on the newest Yoga BIOS either. I started to manually edit and apply DSDT patch myself but I didn't have enough confidence in my skills to actually use it and see if it worked.

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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen S3 Sleep BIOS Update

I like to have this feature (that has been added to the X1C6 bios) for the Yoga 3rd Gen as well!


For now I have re-applied the DSDT patch, and can cofirm it is still working on the current BIOS for the Yoga.

For instructions, please follow:


I renamed the output file to acpi_override2 to made some diffs and cofirms the usage of this new output, result:


[leon@localhost ~]$ dmesg | grep ACPI | grep supports
[ 0.198665] ACPI: (supports S0 S3 S4 S5)

[leon@localhost ~]$ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
s2idle [deep]


What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen S3 Sleep BIOS Update

I have been following the X1C6 post kind of assuming that once the BIOS was updated for the Carbon, the same change would be made for the Yoga. That did not happen and all the Yoga 3rd gen users are left disappointed. Please Lenovo fix this as soon as possible, many of us have bought your products assuming good support for Linux as that's always been the case. Please do update the Yoga BIOS as well.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen S3 Sleep BIOS Update

Same issue here. I was very disappointed to see that Lenovo did not update the BIOS sleep mode for the X1 Yoga 3rd gen as they did for the X1 Carbon 6 gen. 


Please do update the BIOS for this machine as well!

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