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Paper Tape
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X220 power management issue

I've played youtube video w/ chromium on xubuntu 16.04, pressed pause while being in fullscreen mod and closed the lid as usually. When I opened it, everything ran very slowly, all animations were stuttering, exhaust air was pretty hot, fan spinned at full speed, but there was less than 8% CPU load and 1 GB of RAM used.

What I tried already: rebooting, taking out and putting back the battery, loading previous kernel version from grub menu. Then I swapped ssd with another laptop in house, which had windows 7 and xubuntu dualboot. Both systems ran slowly on x220, and xubuntu from x220 ran good on other laptop, so my conclusion was: there's a hardware problem with x220. Then I turned off Intel SpeedStep and CPU power management features in bios and turned on again, nothing changed. I put back ssd with xubuntu in x220 and ran dmesg console utility, this is what output looks like: but I can't make any decision from this data.


What should I do next to deal with this problem?

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