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Paper Tape
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Yoga 700 14-ISK UEFI dual booting Ubuntu


I am currently trying to install Ubuntu alongside my windows installation but have had with no success. The issue is that I am trying to make a UEFI Ubuntu installation but I can't get the USB to boot at all. I have made the bootable USB using Rufus 2.15 with the following settings:

Partition scheme: UEFI GPT

Filesystem: Fat32

ISO image: 64 bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 (written as ISO image, not DD)

Regarding my BIOS settings I have turned off secure boot, USB ports are always turned on, USB boot is enabled, CSM/Legacy is off. Furthermore I have turned off fastboot in Windows.

Trying to boot via USB-FDD, USB-CD or USB-HDD does not work, it just proceeds and initializes the Windows operating system.


Therefore I would like to hear if any of you have had any success dual booting a UEFI Ubuntu installation alongside your Windows installation. Help would very much be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Bit Torrent
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Re: Yoga 700 14-ISK UEFI dual booting Ubuntu

@rvillebro wrote:

CSM/Legacy is off.

I have installed both Windows 10 and Windows 7 on my 700-15ISK, but not so far any flavour of Linux, so I have no experience that is of direct relevance.  But as no one else has replied, I would suggest trying again to boot from the USB memory stick, but this time with "Boot Mode" in the BIOS set to "Legacy Support" and (if present) "Boot Priority" set to "Legacy First".


Also, you should boot by using the "Novo" button.  Is this what you were doing?  (You didn't mention this.) So try this:


(1) Power off the laptop.

(2) Plug in the USB memory stick that you want to boot from.

(3) Press the "Novo" button.  The "Novo Button Menu" appears.

(4) Select the "BIOS Boot Menu".  The "BIOS Boot Menu" appears.

(5) On the "BIOS Boot Menu" it will list the devices that you can boot from.  With luck, the memory stick will be listed.  If it is listed twice, one should have "EFI" somewhere in the name.  This is the one to pick if you want an UEFI install.


If you don't know where your "Novo" button is, look in the "User Guide" or "Hardware Maintenance Manual" for your model; both can be downloaded from the "Support" section of this web site.


-- from CyberSimian in the UK

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 700 14-ISK UEFI dual booting Ubuntu

Thank you for your answer. Setting boot mode to 'Legacy support' and setting boot priority to 'Legacy first' did not help. I have tried everything. I have set up a bootable USB using different software with different settings and tweaking the BIOS/UEFI settings and not once have I been able to see the USB drive in the boot menu options. I am about to give up.

If someone has a solution please help me out.

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Yoga 700 14-ISK UEFI dual booting Ubuntu



I can't say where things are going wrong, but I'll toss some stuff at the wall.  This is the way I always build my UEFI-bootable Ubuntu flash drives.


Use a flash drive with MBR partitioning.  Format a single partition FAT32.  With the _64 bit_ Ubuntu ISO (after making sure the checksum matches) use an (un)archiving tool like 7zip to extract the contents of the ISO to the flash drive.  (Don't set the flash drive partition active.  Shouldn't be an issue in UEFI mode, but if you ever use it in legacy/UEFI it may boot in legacy mode.)


After the extraction the top level of the flash drive should look something like this:




Set BIOS to defaults (UEFI, secure boot, etc. - should be a global button somewhere to set to defaults) Save and exit.  Boot using the Novo button after a full shutdown in windows:  SHIFT+shut down.  (Probably not necessary if you've previously been in BIOS, but necessary if booting after running windows.)



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