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configuration of ubuntu 11.04 in Lenovo Z570 ideapad


could you please let me know the complete steps involved "configuration of ubuntu 11.04 in Lenovo Z570 ideapad".

My lenovo has Win7 HP.



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Re: configuration of ubuntu 11.04 in Lenovo Z570 ideapad

I am running Linux Mint 11 Katya - x64 edition on my Z560 here, which is based on that release of ubuntu.  In my case I wanted to set up a multi-boot system, so it took a bit more work than it would if all you want available is linux.  If you intend to to the same you will want to set up Windows 7 first and create your recovery disks.  This is a good idea even if you don't plan to use Windows, as once you wipe it you lose this option.  You will want to download the release you are interested in installing and burn the Live-CD/DVD for it.  Boot the Live-CD/DVD and confirm everything is working to your satisfaction before proceeding.  If you are missing any critical features, such as WiFi support, sort that issue out before installation.  This might lead you to try another release or decide to wait for a more supported release to arrive.  Once you are sure the release will work for you, boot Windows and use the disk management tools to resize the partitions to make room for the linux partitions you want to use, at a minimum you will need a swap partition and the linux root partition.  Boot the Live-CD/DVD and proceed with the install selecting the appropriate partitions for use.



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