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dual-boot Kubuntu and XP with RnR



I'm trying to dual-boot windows XP and kubuntu 9.10 and I think it makes sense to separate the so called boot and system partition in windows' term (i.e. having \Windows on one partition and the boot.ini, ntldr stuff on another)... But I can't figure out how to separate them...


Since I'm dual-boot I am aware XP should be installed first...what I did was installed it onto the second partition while at the partition screen in the XP install and left a smaller NTFS partition as the first one on the list.  Not sure if that would cause the boot and the system to separate...(it seem so since the boot-related file is on C:\  while the Windows directory is on D:\)


However I install RnR on this Windows and tried to boot into the RnR workspace through the Think button but it notes NTLDR is missing...Windows still boot normally on startup (to me the workspace was probably not installed to the right place perhaps? ; shouldn't it be in like a new service partition called S:\ or something? maybe it got installed into C:\)   I read somewhere that RnR workspace has it's own bootloader and write into the MBR or something...


since I'll also be installing kubuntu the bootloader will surely get messed up again by that might completely screw up everything on Windows side...


I have no idea what to do to make kubuntu, windows, and RnR all compatible with each other...


I'm not very familiar with booting and disk management but any help would be appreciated... 

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Re: dual-boot Kubuntu and XP with RnR

You can use the wubi installer to setup linux withinwindows(dualboot)

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Re: dual-boot Kubuntu and XP with RnR

sry i did not meant to emphasize on installation of thread got moved here becuase the mod thought I was talking about how to install kubuntu....


i really don't want to complicate thing by installing kubuntu inside windows... because my windows frequently die on me...i prefer them to be separate and interact only at the boot level in a separate "boot partition (windows' term: system partition)


this is really about RnR and Windows...the kubuntu install was only a byproduct that I thought might mess thing up even more since it replace the boot loader upon install


so first thing first:   my RnR cannot boot into its own service partition (think button f11); say something about ntldr is missing, however XP still boot seem like when I install XP it split the boot and the other file into two partition because I chose the second partition on the list during the install, and the boot files got put into the first partition (C:\)  and when I install RnR it seem to used C:\ as the service partition (i assume that the service partition is related to RnR?).  But since file such is ntldr in C:\ is XP'sm I guess it didn't get overwritten by RnR?


Basically the main issue at the moment is I can't get the service partition to work with Windows...i guess kubuntu can come later...

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Re: dual-boot Kubuntu and XP with RnR



Can you explain in a simple way what you did that caused this problem?


Your computer came preinstalled with Windows right? Then you wanted to install kubuntu creating partitions (that's logical and a better solution than using Wubi). So what changes did you do exactly? Then I might be able to help.




If you tried to install kubuntu already there is a chance that ntldr got damaged. You can repair it by using a Windows installation CD, for more info check on the internet for how to repair ntldr for your windows or just ask back here.


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