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Paper Tape
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet


I have the X5 version and I have upgraded to the 1HCN42WW Bios (but I just notice that a 1HCN43WW can be found... I have to try it).

I will check your link

Paper Tape
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet



I had very frequently a black screen at boot ( it can appends with liveUSB too) and i figured out that it was just a backlight problem (backlight totaly shut off) . my first not-so-solution was to supend-resume to get the screen back. but still no backlight control.


then i found "pwm_lpss_platform"


just add "pwm_lpss_platform" in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules


# sudo update-initramfs -k all -u

and no more black screen again and moreover the brightness is now controlable.


for information :  Wifi works out of the box since kernel 4.12

For me  SDcard works since kernel 4.15


for Ubuntu, to get a recent kernel :

go to

go to the version you want.

download in the same directory

- linux-headers-xxxxx-all.deb

- linux-headers-xxxxxx-generic_xxxxx_amd64.deb

- linux-image-xxxxxx-generic_xxxxx_amd64.deb


sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb

as a bonus i give you my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT from /etc/default/grub :


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="video=DSI-1:800x1280e acpi_osi= i915.modeset=1 fbcon=rotate:1  video.use_native_backlight=1 i915.enable_fbc=1 i915.enable_rc6=1 i915.semaphores=1 nospalsh quiet"


video= and  fbcon=  are clear but i admit i don't really know the effect of the others.


I hope I help someone with these information.

now...  can anybody help me to get my f***ing Bluetooth working ?

I didn't manage to get it works with







What's DOS?
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet

I found a little tutorial how to install ubuntu on my miix 310 Install Linux on Lenovo Miix 310 . Maybe this helps you, too ...

Paper Tape
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet


I have tried as said in the tutorial with the Ubuntu 18.04... It is far better..

There is a pb for booting on the usb key installer. (problem of black screen after seeing the Ubuntu logo). Even adding the video.use_native_backlight=1 option in the grub command.  Pushing briefly th power button did nothing (but in the install disk we are automacally logged). The only way to get the backlight back is closing and opening the laptop... But it seems that there is a bug on lenovo that immediately shut the power of the USB port (that's my guess) and when back opened the backlight is here.. but I got a lot of error (in text mode a lot of SQUASHFS error....) and nothing works...

BUT sometime (say 1/5 trials) the backlight is on (can't figure out why) and I have managed to install ubuntu on my sd card asking him to put the bootloader on this same sd card...

But... it does that but it seems that at the end something fail when updating the grub2 configuration. (I can this a brief error message before the reboot). I can launch my computer enter the bios and select the GRUB2 on the SDcrd to boot (called ubuntu)... The GRUB menu starts and I have 2 entry : Windows & "RemixOs"  

Windows launch the windows partition...

Remix-OS send me to an error that he could not find RemixOs kernel....


My guess is that it is a default configuration file of the grub which the installer should have fixed but had an error..

I trrid to boot on the live CD and follow the chroot method seen in tutorials to update grub without success and saw post saying that it no more work like this..

I have seen many advise to using boot-repair app (boot-repair bootable disk).

I can boot on it after several trial (still the backlight problem) but it seems that it can't see my sd card (netiher bootrepair nor gparted when launched from this rescue disk. gparted on linux live cd sees every thing)...

I have managed to free a 10Gb partition on the internal drive.... But the ubuntu installer even in automatic mode (installing ubuntu side by side with windows boot manager) doesn't want to use it (it do the install on the SDcard)....


Ubuntu 18.04 have the wifi working fine, the display (when the backlight is on ) is perfect (except that it starts with the wrong orientation but that's not a problem since it is easy to correct).

What I plan to try : 

- getting boot-repair installed on the ubuntulive cd so that he can see the sd card)

- removing the sdcard to force ubuntu installer to use my particion on the internal drive



Any other Ideas



What's DOS?
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet

Could you please let me know, how did you manage that.
What's DOS?
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet

Currently writing this reply on my Lenovo Miix 310 with Ubuntu Budgie OS on it.


As I'm sure anyone following this at all will know, the key issue is the black screeen after booting into both the live version of any linux OS or installing and then black screening on the boot of the OS.


If this is your issue then update your bios here (to figure out which one you need, boot into setup mode by holding F2 on boot and check your current BIOS - my BIOS was HNC40WW so I needed the HNC44WW update, yours may be different, just go with the corresponding nubers and you should be golden) and while I was at it, switch off secure boot too and then I downloaded Rufus and my OS of choice's ISO file, used Rufus to put the ISO file onto a bootable USB, and turned off my Lenovo 310 Miix.


Now for the fiddly part.


1. With the USB in the machine (obviously) hold the power button and the volume up button until the backlight comes on.


2. Go to boot menu.


3. Select you USB.


4. Try the live version of your OS.




5. When the Ubuntu logo (or whatever logo you have depending on your flavour) pops up, press your power button. For me, my backlight got way brighter so i knew something had happened.


If you press the power button and nothing happens, just try pressing it again while that logo is showing before it blackscreens.


If you manage to do this correctly, you should be faced with the live version in the wron orientation. Just click install [OS Name] and away you go.


Once it asks you to reboot or keep exploring, Select keep exploring and power off your machine.


Take out your USB, power back on and (as of yet i have no fix for this bug) it will black screen again but dont worry.


When it does, wait on it for a little bit, press the power button and the power LED on your keyboard should turn off, then press the power button again to switch it on. Almost like turning the screen off and on again because the screen doesn't come on onboot.





1. Ctrl + Alt + T

2. Type xrandr -o right and hit enter.

3. Go to preferences>startup applications>add new.

4. Add that command in and tag it however you want.


As a sidenote, to put it back to portrait mode, all you have to do is type normal instead of right in that command. Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet

I'm back....


My last try up to now...

I can boot from ubuntu 18.10 live usb.. It boots well with wifi, good screen orientation (the ubuntu logo was first in the wrong orientation but at the end of the booting process the desktop is in the correct orientation). ...

I can then install ubuntu on my internal hd, on a 10Gb partition. The installer set it it to ext4 type...

But when I boot my computer my boot loader (refind) see the ubuntu grub loader but if I select it... I have a scambled display (in the bad orientation) which seems in text mode.... nothing happen then... :-(
I can try the power button several time but nothing... (the display is still on)



Paper Tape
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Re: ubuntu for Miix 310-10ICR Tablet

Success !

I am now able to boot my install (ubuntu 18.10)... I just had to edit the grub when booting my install partition  with advises find in a comment from here :

it's a page about MIIX 320 but one advise worked ! 

I'm not sure what make it work, maybe these three changes in grub : 
- add set rootdelay=40
- remove --no-floppy (it's a SD card in my computer apparently)

and that's it... booted quickly in good orientation etc...



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