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What's DOS?
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ERROR when updating to 2.4 at 15%



MSU stops at about 15% updating device software on my motorola Milestone 2. I am from Romania, with Orange priveder, but the MSU sees it as UK and updates my phone.


The bootloader 70.13 appears on the screen when it starts updating, but why the error? is it anyway possible to upgrade my phone please?

Thank you,


What's DOS?
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Re: ERROR when updating to 2.4 at 15%

i have similar issues but at 56%, and it looks like i can play the game all day.. without any hint whats causing the issue ;(

same bootloader (70.13) anyways..

What's DOS?
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Re: ERROR when updating to 2.4 at 15%


I had same problem as you: update stopped on 56%.

My Milestone 2 was actually from UK, but my Windows settings were Polish, so once I get to download "Motorola Software Update" I was serviced with Polish one.

What I did, I used country selector ( and selected "United Kingdom". Then I got different "Motorola Software Update". I've reinstalled it, but appeared as application data remained old (from Polish installation) - probably, because I didn't check it.

Then I switched to my second computer which was clear, and I've installed this UK MSU and then it helped - my Milestone was successfully updated to Android 2.3.4.