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Re: Moto E4 Plus not connecting to Wifi

2018-05-30, 1:27 AM
I'm not going to buy the old "must be a 3rd party app problem" excuse.

I've tested these issues right out the box on brand new replacement phones, before anything was installed, and still saw failures. Plus, if it were a 3rd party app problem, a reboot or cache clearing would hardly address the issue.

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Re: Moto E4 Plus not connecting to Wifi

2018-05-30, 4:14 AM

Agreed, on my E4 Plus, switching of Bluetooth usually makes the WiFi connection work again.

I have the impression that it could be an interference problem since quality of the WiFi signal, whether SIM cards are enabled / disabled etc. also seem to be factors. Very disappointing!


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Re: Moto E4 Plus not connecting to Wifi

2018-12-05, 18:13 PM

I've had my Moto e4 for quite some time now with no issues regarding WiFi connectivity until last night (Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018) at approximately 9PM.  I picked up my phone and noticed that it was reading the time as 11:52PM on 28 November.


My wife has the same phone and asked her to confirm the time.  Her phone was reading the correct time (9:16PM) and date.


I validated that I was still set to Pacific Time but manually changed the date and time.  It was then that I noticed that I had no WiFi connectivity and was not able to turn it on.


Further investigation showed no MAC addres - no IP address - no phone information - nothing.


I did a power cycle thinking that might resolve the issue but the condition persisted.  I even went to far as going back to factory settings (yes - my data is gone - but that is not nearly as important as having a working phone since I use it for my work as well) but still no connectivity.


I can connect the phone to my workstation and see the folder structure on the phone - but all other internet based applications are non-functional.


So not only was I not able to connect to my home network - but the office network is likewise unavailable.


I know the office WiFi is available and functioning because I connect my laptop via WiFi.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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