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Moto E 1. SIMslots disabled, Wifi not turning on.

Two days ago, my MOTO E 1st gen got fully discharged. After I charged it and switched it on, it couldn't detect the sim. In fact the sim slots were blocked/ grayed out in settings. Also the wifi was not turning on. I did a hard reboot. No change. Then I did a factory reset through the settings option. After the reset, when the phone started I got a pop-up -Unfortunately, Google app has stopped. I OKayed it. Then another pop-up - Unfortunately, Google Keyboard has stopped. And this message kept coming every time I touched the screen (Later I saw the while scrolling it was not coming, but only on tap). I selected language, then the next screen the phone was attempting to start WiFi- turning WiFi on.... But it was not able to turn on Wi-Fi. I waited 8 hours to see if it could. I decided to skip it. But without wi-fi I can't restore my backup. Also SIM slots blocked like before. The factory reset made no difference. I then did a reset through recovery option (Vol. down+power button). I wiped the cache. Made no difference. The phone is still the same. I also noticed that it was not charging when switched on. It was charging when switched off. There is no hardware or liquid damage. It was working perfect before the battery discharge. No apps were installed recently. I don't know what software issue caused such a thing that even factory restore is also not working. The sim is fine and working on another phone. MOTO E 1st gen. Android 5.1

Further research: I skipped all the steps and came to the home screen. Went to the Settings>Apps>All. There I disabled Google Keyboard. After that -Googe app has stopped kept popping up. Disabled that, then Settings has stopped. After OK, I'm back at home screen and Launcher has stopped. Now, I cannot do anything. Restart in safe mode. Keyboard and Google app are already disabled. Enable them but their stopped messaged keep popping up. Disable them again. Same pattern repeated in Safe Mode - "Settings has stopped" then "Launcher has stopped".

I am currently out of India and have no access to a Motorola authorised service centre.

Moto E 1st Gen.

Android 5.1

AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)

50.0E (sha-4ed7eaf, 2015-04-06 15:04:46)


eMMC: 4GB Hynix RV=06 PV=05 TY=17


Battery OK

Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 0

Connect USB data cable.


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Re: Moto E 1. SIMslots disabled, Wifi not turning on.

Hi RDNatty,


As you have done with all the possible troubleshooting steps,device needs to be diagnosed by our service engineer.


So please submit the device at our service centre for further assistance.



Motorola Support