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What's DOS?
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regarding memory card

I'm using Moto E3 device. I've inserted a 64gb sd card and settings saved as internal memory. But whenever I'm downloading anything, it shows device storage I've made it internal memory why it is showing as to overcome it?? I've done moving of apps to sd card also


This makes me alot depression.plz help me to overcome dis problem..what is the use of making sd as internal memory when it's continuously showing memory full

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: regarding memory card

Hi masthanbabu,


It is best said in this post. To quote, "We have many threads on this, but in a nutshell; if used as internal, you can't remove from phone and use in another device. It is encrypted and only your phone can read it. If you reset your phone and forget to clean off card first, data is lost as encryption key was erased from phone. Phone crashes hard and requires a reset, same thing. 


Advice: go portable. The only reason to ever consider internal format is if you run out of room for apps. Internal is also hard on the cards. Lots of data corruption.


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