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Re: Moto e4 Plus Charging Problem

the problem is, is that these phones are just a POS!!! I have seen so many people with the same problem and all they keep saying is to charge it blah blah blah . OBVIOUSLY that isnt solving the problem so why they keep saying it over and over  just shows they dont even know what the hell is wrong. IDK y my dumb ass picked the moto over the samsung. My daughter and i got our phones on the same day,she has a samsung and she isnt having any problems. No charging problems, volume problems, her phone doesnt just shut off etc. I should have known, I mean  they did fall off for a while, i hadnt seen or heard anything about Motorola for years n then they pop back up and rip people off and will eventually fall off again soon. all these posts say problem solved, yea solved for who sure as hell aint solved for us, telling us to charge it without touching it for a whole day poof problem solved!!!! I will be making sure to tell evryone i can to stay AWAY from Motorola unless u want a phone that doesnt work.

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