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Re: Moto G 16gb in USA

2014-10-16, 14:48 PM

Noting that 5.0/Lollipop only utilizes ART and noting the limitation in being able to move apps to the SD card with ART, I’m interesting in knowing just how capable this phone will be with L and only 8GB.

Google announced that the Moto G will be getting L. Has the limitation with ART been resolved?


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Re: Moto G 16gb in USA

2014-11-08, 15:30 PM


Thanks for your comments. At this time we have no plans to offer a 16GB version in the US. We're passing this feedback on however.


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In my opinion, 16GB with SD Card especially if apps are able to moved to and run from the SD Card in addition to things like music, videos and camera,... would kill the low/mid market, Moto G would OWN it. and I would line up to throw my money at you for it.

I currently have a 16GB + SD Card phone from another maker and I have more storage than I know what to do with. However that phone is running 4.2.1. so moving apps to and running them from the SD Card is stupid easy and has been solidly reliable. Even with only 8GB and SD Card the Moto G is an upgrade from what I have. 16GB would be a total solid lock though.

Moto needs to do this. This simply needs to happen. Not doing it, makes no business sense at all. Many of us in the U.S. would throw money at them for such a beast. Not all of us want/need a high end flagship. Some of us want a rock solid performer. Moto G Gen.2 is halfway there. Release the 16GB version and you got it.

Somethings are true, whether you believe them or not,...

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Re: Moto G 16gb in USA

2014-12-31, 6:52 AM

1+ for more internal storage memory and also more internal Ram.

I saw with my Moto G LTE 1 Gen. that small 1 GB Ram cause multitasking problems.

As example music stops playing when you open 1 - 2 other bigger apps or games crash 

while loading because not enough ram memory. Less then 300 MB free is not to much Ram.

The internal 8 Gb storage is also causing problems with Apps and its own cache data.

You can not move it to Sd-card, so they fill internal memory.

Next time you want download a big game and dont have space to do so, because you can not donwload direct

to SD-Card.

If i upgrade in some time to a new phone i would pay some extra money for 2 Gb Ram and 16 GB internal storage !

Why not a good phone that kick the other ?




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Re: Moto G 16gb in USA

2015-02-02, 21:02 PM

The Moto G 4G LTE (2nd Gen) will have 16 GB internal storage capacity standard. Just look at the current reports of the Brazilian market model. And 4G of course.

I always found that moving apps in Lollipop (5.0.2) to be work to a degree, since moving multiple apps at once takes time (heh 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 400); and the apps tended to move back to internal storage after they updated themselves. Wish Lollipop had an integrated, automated way of keeping most apps on SD, a la Windows Phone. Especially on ROM sizes of 4 GB and 8 GB such as on the Moto E 1st Gen and Moto G 2nd Gen, where you mostly live off of your SD card anyway.


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Re: Moto G 16gb in USA

2015-02-18, 8:56 AM
Queda claro que con esto, se incentiva el uso de los servicios de la nube que realmente me parecen una alternativa.
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