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Dual sims not working at the same time.

I live in the UK, recently bought the new Moto G XT1068 dual sim. I've been on 3 mobile for ages and get a very good reception where I live. I therefore chose 3 for the second sim as I need separate work/personal numbers. However, when I am at home (where I work) only 1 sim works at a time. The sim that has the mobile data switched on (you can only have one on at a time) works brilliantly, but the other has no reception whatsoever. This basically means the dual sim feature is not working at all, as I need both phone numbers to be active to receive/make calls. 3 mobile say they cannot help as they agree we are in a good area for their signal, so it must be the handset. Is there a fault?

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Re: Dual sims not working at the same time.

This is working as designed. The phone only has one modem. While in idle mode you can take a call from either SIM.


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