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What's DOS?
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New improvements needed on update to moto g2nd gen

The scroll down of Moto G is like empty.

The most basic thing which one uses is the "profile". like the phone sound is on General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor but it does not have that option neither in the scroll down section nor in the settings.

Normally if you go to the setting => Profile => General, Silent, Meeting or Outdoor and choose one of them to customize the settings.

But in Moto G, Setting=> Sound. No option for Profile, general, Silent, meeting or outdoor. (Big problem) 

So the only solution is press the on/off button then change the sound to "silent", "vibrate" or general" but no option to edit these settings.

**********very very very important*****improve battery backup by providing software tweeks.

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Re: New improvements needed on update to moto g2nd gen


  1. What do you  mean "Scroll Down" is empty?

  2. Vanilla Android doesn't have "Audio" profiles that I am aware of. We offer something similar called Assist that contextually helps you change profiles but there isn't an Outdoor option. What brand of phone do you "Normally" see Settings > Profile  on? To ensure I wasn't missing something I went and looked on a competitor phone and didn't see such a setting though their Android has a UI Overlay.

  3. When you aren't in a call you can change the ringer volume or through Settings > Sounds > Volume

  4. You have the ability to change your settings (Display Brightness, Screen Timeout, Location, etc) to help with battery. Is there something specific you were thinking of?


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