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Non-replaceable battery trashed my phone


Warning! The ‘non-replaceable’ original phone battery swelled and trashed MOTO G EXT 2nd gen phone. I did not have Backup Sync turned on. No accident insurance on a Jan 2014 purchased mid-price phone. I don’t know why, how fast or exactly when the battery swelled. Maybe something to check for occasionally and catch before damage is complete. Luckily no fumes / fire / explosion.


Long story: (for laughs)

I have very low cellphone use. I just don’t like tracking. Normally only turned on when away from home (shopping – reminder calls and traveling – maps/directions) or for quick text msgs. Or when power/phone landlines are down. Probably less than 20 hrs a week on-time and about 10 hrs a year air time. So, no over-heating or battery high drain problems.

Charged it when below 40% (with the provided charger) and disconnected from charger after reaching 100%. Only had the phone drained lower 3-4 times when I forgot to turn it off and the battery alarm beeped. So, no real over-drained or over-charged problems.

I was at the grocery store (phone on) and needed to make a call and the phone was difficult to remove (slide our) from the accessory carry case. Screen was black, no response. Tried to turn it on with the power button. Nothing. Then I noticed the display screen was bulged out.

When I got home I removed the belt carry case and shock frame. The screen of the phone was pushed out of its border on the left side center and the phone front and back outer case were split apart. I removed SIM and SD cards and the screws from the back the inner case of the phone. Inside, several components had been pushed out of their sockets, the circuit board was bent outward as well as the screen. The battery looked like an over-stuffed pillow, measured just over 12mm thick (new Motorola ED30 by Sony is 3.683mm thick).

Ordered new battery (ebay) for $5.99 no S&H. Seller actually sent 2 batteries and a 12 piece cheapo toolkit. Replaced battery. Got all the components re-seated and connected. Reassembled phone. Full charged battery. Turned it on. The actual LCD display under the cover glass was cracked. This could not be seen before the display lit as the top glass was undamaged. I could have lived with the small blackened patch at the lower left corner of the display – except the capacitive touch control only partially functioned and that only occasionally. Rather than buy and install a new screen and bezel and maybe still have internal damage, I opted for a new phone.

New phone arrives and cannot switch over SIM. Needed a nano and old SIM was micro. Cutting down not an option as old SIM was also way too thick to fit in tray of new phone. Ordered new SIM. Installed SIM and setup new phone.

Apps can be reloaded but I really needed my 5 yrs of phone contacts, unlisted #’s and addresses (remember, no sync backup). Could not initially access export function to get the contacts. Altogether it took nearly 4 hours of effort to work past the malfunctioning screen of the old phone to turn on syncing and send out contacts info.

ALL IS GOOD. Everything needed transferred to new phone. Backup is now ON. I will change out the ‘non-replaceable’ battery of my new phone after 2 years.

No response expected. END.  Thumperiii