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Question about Moto G 2nd Gen battery!



I got a question about the battery of the Moto G 2nd Gen XT1068. I am looking for a replacement battery because the current one is starting to get weaker. I guess Motorola doesn't produce the battery (ED30) anymore. Most batteries on ebay have a pretty old production date (from 2013-14), so I guess they have lost capacity over the years while stored in warehouses. During my search I found this battery with the production date 20171020. Can someone tell me if it is genuine or a fake one? Should I buy it? Does Motorola itself sell the batteries for its older phones maybe (preferably in Europe)? Thank you!

Here is the ebay page of the battery with photos:

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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Question about Moto G 2nd Gen battery!

Hi Motouser47,


Parts of the phone are not available for purchase to end users since they are not considered consumer replaceable pieces. While not denying your technical skills for repairing the phone yourself, it is Motorola's policy to provide with the material for repairing our phones only to technicians that are affiliated with Motorola and have clearance with our engineering group. There are aspects of repairs that require special training and/or tools in order to assure proper performance. Performing your own repair could possibly cause the phone to work below the standards which are required.




Motorola Support

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Re: Question about Moto G 2nd Gen battery!

I really hope that, soon, electronics manufacturing companies stop thinking so square like this. After a given device expires its warranty, it should not matter who will replace any parts. If it is out of warranty, it is out of warranty. Stop denying customers the right to replace anything in their devices and upholding information for repairs. Good that iFixit is changing this very quickly.