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Unsupported SD Card

The camera on my Moto G2 recently stopped working so after trying out a few other things I decided to factory reset. I stupidely took out my MicroSD during the reset and when it was finished and the SD was back in, a notification popped up saying the SD was unsupported and that I had to configure it, after attempting to set it up as Internal, it came up with an error message, and when I tried setting it up as Portable it said it was finished but the Unsupported SD notification continued appearing. All my photos and such are backed up so there isnt anything I need to save on it. Is it not working because I took it out during the reset? Is there any way I can fix it? or will I have to buy a replacement.



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Re: Unsupported SD Card

Do you have a windows PC?


You can use that to re-format the SD card and that might fix it.


When needing to do this my Laptop has an SD card slot so long as the Micro SD card in an Adaptor.


I also have a USB SD card adaptor like this,


but you can get them at a lot of shops now pretty cheap.