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increasing signal strength do's and don'ts?

 i want to start a thread that will help people better understand what they can do and what products they can get to increase their signal strength, be it apps that you can use, a good brand of booster, and maybe some more low tech ideas that i have seen like using an old satellite dish to help direct the signal or even a mixture of all three.

the issue i have is i hardly get a signal at my house, i may or may not be able to call and occasionally i get push notifactions, but im not happy with that. I then decided to get a wilson 4g booster for close to $400 and now i get a good calling signal, but my internet is spotty at best. i do know where  the towers in my are are 

so far i have found that getting an unlocked phone and finding the best carrier for your area is usually the best first step. once you've decided on a carrier find the towers in your area and try finding the best geographic line of site to your tower in your area. if that location is hard to get to or you don't feal like standing outside anytime you want to make phone calls or get online, a cell phone booster or repeater will help you accomplish this. now if your signal is weak at the best spot you can find, this is where you will want something to help amplify your signal. this is where i have ran into a dead end. then yesterday, when i was doing research on getting a better signal. i found a few wacky ideas that i didn't like until i saw someone using an old satellite dish to help direct the signal to their phones anttena. 

I've been playing with this idea a bit and found that it does work with my phone by making a notched block of wood that my phone could sit in where the old satillites radio was. i was then able to pin point the signal and fix the problems with spartic signal loss and dropped calls, but i still cannot get a data signal. my idea is to use a larger satilite dish in conjunction with the booster to help pin point the signal and hopefully amplify it enough to use my data.

another thing i have heard of is apps that will help you find towers and repeaters in the area and that will give you a more accurate signal strength readout. some of these apps are free and some are not, i was hoping that people that may have tried some of these apps could post which apps they used and what they thought of how they worked. 


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Re: increasing signal strength do's and don'ts?

Yes. There are a number of ways to increase your signal strength whether it's Wi-Fi signals or cell phone signals. Some are free while others are apps you buy or equipment (such as cell phone boosters) that you buy. Whatever way you decide to go, make sure you research the different options available so you don't waste your money.