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What's DOS?
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Can we get a Stagefright update?

It's been a couple of weeks, can we get an update on the Stagefright patch rollout?  Aside from the patch rollout schedule, here are some specific questions that I have not seen answered anywhere:

  1. What is Motorola's timeline for providing a second Stagefright patch that completely fixes the known vulnerability?(1)

  2. What are the software versions for each patched phone?  Without the software versions, it's not easy to determine whether we have received a patch and whether the patch is the "partial" or the "full" fix.

(1)On August 14th Google acknowledged that the first Stagefright patch did not completely patch the vulnerability, and provided an updated patch to partners:

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Can we get a Stagefright update?

There is already a thread on the the Stagefright topic.  Let's keep it simple and organized--please post your question there instead (especially since the Forum Managers are already in that thread).

Closing thread.

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