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What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

@SargeK wrote:


Hi everyone, I have searched so many forums (spanish and english ones) for a secure solution. I'm surprised that this annoying bug happened to many people. Unfortunately, everyone do the FR (factory reset) solution, some people can't even make it, or when they solve it, it happens again and they have to do FR again!! (NOOO Smiley Sad). So I refused to do, because I hate to config all the phone again, do the stupid back ups, etc. Just do this simple steps and you're done!.

1- Install Nova Launcher (If you already have it, go to step 2)
2- Hold down an empty place on the desktop and make a Nova Launcher Widget "activities shortcut" (3rd option from left to right), and put it somewhere on desktop.
3- Search Setup Wizard on the list, click on it, now hold down .SetupWizardTestActivity option.
4- Don't worry from this part. It will show the wizard like the first time you bought the phone, your data is not going to be deleted, just follow the steps but log in with other account. If you put the google account that you already use with your phone, it will say that it is already logged in, so thats why you have to log in with another one (I used my sister's account). I think you don't have to import apps to that account on the final step, is not necessary. But if you want to do the same I did, I selected just 1 (telegram for example).

Home button worked, notifications, etc. YAY Smiley Very Happy!

PD: If you selected and app to import, it will show a notification that is downloading, but is faking. Hold down the notification, and select the (i) button, now again on the upper right side, select again the (i) button, now select the force stop button, and the notification will disappear.
PD2: You have to remove the second account you logged in, go to settings > accounts > google > select the second account you don't need and press the three points at the top and select remove account.

Source: Thanks to Buster Näslund comment, at the bottom of this site, but with no clear steps Smiley Sad.
That site tells another solution and the explanation of why occurs. I think that if the one that I put here doesn't work, that one will, but is longer to do.

Thats all guys, I hope I helped you. Greetings from Chile! Smiley Very Happy. I'm sorry if my english is not so good


Your English was great and THANK YOU SARGEK !


You saved me a ton of trouble.  Same symptoms (MotoG2, low storage, suddenly as a text message came in and Home button stops working, No Notifications).  Instead of Nova, I found a tiny 400 KB app, "Activity Launcher", on the open source F-Droid repository.  (I had the similar AnyCut but it doesn't see all the activities.)  I ran through the SetupWizardTestActivity and my Home button (and my launcher's remapping of it) are back!  No ADB, PC tether, Factory Reset, or rooting required.


I registered here just to say thank you!

What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

How do I wipe the cache? 'Cause I tried the factory reset, and the little robot appeared and it said "no command" underneath. Restarting doesn't work. My notifications, lock screen and home button still don't work either.

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

@MeganC wrote:

How do I wipe the cache? 'Cause I tried the factory reset, and the little robot appeared and it said "no command" underneath. Restarting doesn't work. My notifications, lock screen and home button still don't work either.

Hi MeganC,


Here's a very helpful videos for safe mode, clear cache partition and even reset:




Motorola Support

What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

Thanks so much, SargeK! I already had the Nova Launcher on my phone, so the fix was quick and painless. Your directions were perfect! I had no idea the launcher could do what you said it would. Installed it for totally other reasons, but I'm glad I did!
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

One of the most common reason to android home button stopped working is system OS update or screen replacement. Let see some possible solutions that can fix home button not working on android phone. Sometime software key problem is the common hardware problem after update OS.


Fix home button not working android Nougat, marshmallow, lollipop:


Factory reset android phone:


Step 1: Open “Settings” app on your phone

Step 2: Tap “backup & reset” under personal section

Step 3: Touch “factory data resetReset phone on 7.0 nougat phone.JPG





Step 4: Tap on “Reset phone

If you have a set screen lock on your device, you’ll need to draw pattern, PIN or password to unlock it.Erase everything on android 7.0 nougat.JPG





Step 5: Tap “Erase everything

It will erase all data from you device’s internal storage

Step 6: When your device has finished ersing, select the option to reboot your device.

Step 7: After complet process, restore your data.


Reset android phone in recovery mode / Wipe cache partition:


Step 1: If turn on your phone, switch off it

Step 2: Press & hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time until the phone swith on.

You can view the Android system recovery screen on your device. By default “start” button seen on your android nougat 7.0.Home button not working android.JPG





Step 3: Press the volume down button until see recovery mode

Step 4: Press the power button to restart in recovery modeAndroid robot icon with red triangle.JPG





You can see the above screen of android robot with red exclamation mark (red triangle) on phone screen.

Step 5: Press volume buttons to scroll to “wipe cache partition”, press the power button to select it.

This message seen on the screen: Wipe cache?Android nougat Wipe cache partition.JPG





Step 6: To confirm, use volume buttons to scroll to “Yes” and press the power button to select it.

Clearing the cache data may take 1-2 nougat reboot system.JPG


Step 7: Use the volume buttons to scroll to “reboot system now”, press the power button to select it.


I hope above troubleshooting step fix your problem. 


What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

yle .

I am from India.

I have the same issue with my MOTO X Pure/Style. My home panel, that includes recent, back and home tab , does not work. When my screen is locked my top lower segment of display is working with functions like quick access to camera , microphone voice search from lock screen.


I have tried :-

1. Factory Reset.

2.Wiping Cache.

3.Re-installing software through authorised motorola service centre.

4.Guest login

5.Running device in safe mode.

and whatever possible solutions suggested on every site. 


The same problem started 4 months back in Nov 2016, then as my phone was under warranty service centre said that it was not a software problem and they replaced my display. Now after  4 months i am facing the same issue and after going to service centre they said that they need to replace the display and that it will cost me INR 10,000/-. 


It is worth mentioning that after spending 32,000/- INR on this product I took utmost care of it, and phone doesnt have even a single scratch.


Now #MOTOROLA  #MOTOROLAINDIA, please suggest that what is your guarantee that my phone will run smoothly for next 1 year after display replacement and spending 10,000/-. With this I now believe that it is better to purchase a phone below 10,000/ INR atleast even it breaks, a person will not get heart attack.


#Motorola , #MOTOROLAsupport #MotorolaIndia #MotoXPure please suggest why your phones are so low in quality when when you charge a premium price ??


Please help me on this. I am seriously discontent with Motorola product and currently thinking of moving to #ConsumerCourt against Motorola.

What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

What's DOS?
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Re: Home button,notifications and lock screen not work

I had the same thing happen to me. For a few days my phone kept giving me the message saying that my storage was running low, my phone suddenly shut off as I was in the middle of texting someone and when it turned itself back on, the home button wasn't working, the application switcher wasn't working, notifications weren't coming up, the control panel above notifications wouldn't pull down, I couldn't recieve incoming calls, my phone wouldn't lock, and so on. Also as I'm using my phone, the brightness has been changing dramatically without me adjusting it. 


But besides having all of the above issues, I'd been having a few others in the months leading up to this,  and I'm not sure whether or not they're related at all.


A few months ago I bought a new SD card, formatted it to my phone and when I tried downloading photos or audio clips I was met with a message saying that it couldn't download because I was out of room. I tried clearing the SD card, unformatting and reformatting it and it didn't solve the problem. I found that the only way to get media to download was by going to settings every time that message popped up, eject the SD card and then remount it. This would happen anywhere between once every few days up to multiple times in a day. 


But ever since my phone has been experiencing the same problems as everyone else in this thread, I've suddenly stopped having issues with my SD card which leads me to wonder whether it might be a problem with the phone and not my SD card.


And a couple of months ago I was also having issues with the Okay Google feature where without me saying the verbal command, it would bring up the microphone to listen to my request. And once it would start doing that, it wouldn't stop. I would close the Okay Google microphone window, and within a few seconds it would come up again pausing my music in the process. Restarting wouldn't help, and neither would anything else I could come up with, and even after shutting off that feature in settings, I still had this problem a few times.


Also in the past few weeks leading up to now, sometimes my phone would heat up so hot I could barely touch it. I never really payed it much attention but now I'm wondering if it's all related. 


I've tried fixing my phone using the methods above but I can't get Nova Launcher (or any other app for that matter) to download despite the fact that I have space for them, and when I try to logout of my Google account, I get a message telling me that the administrator does not permit this action. I've tried going into safe mode in the attempts to figure out what the cause of the problem is, and my phone still wasn't working properly in safe mode, so it isn't a third-party app causing the problem. I really don't want to have to do a factory reset, and I have a feeling that my phone wouldn't allow me to anyway. Can anyone help me?


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