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Paper Tape
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How to recover files from an adopted Micro SD card in Moto 3g?

Here's what I think I did:


I connected my phone to my laptop, with the file transfer protocol. I opened the SD Card that's in the phone through Windows on my laptop. I then noticed that each folder occurred twice. I went into each of the identically named folders and noticed in most cases that one of the folders was completely empty and deleted it. I then discovered that all my photos and audio files were gone from the card, when trying to find them on the device. I tried undeleting through Windows, but that did not work. I took the card out of the device as well in an attempt to read it directly on my PC, as the recovery software I downloaded indicated that I needed to do this.


The card works fine and currently shows up on the device and the laptop, but as nearly empty.


Is it likely or possible that the lost files are still on the card? Is there ANY way to retrieve/undelete these files at all, given that I used the card for internal (adopted) memory, or should I just forget about it?



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Re: How to recover files from an adopted Micro SD card in Moto 3g?

As this is a user to user help forum, there may not be much help here for a situtation that not many are likely to experience. You could also try some Android specific forums, as this is more of an Android OS problem than a Motorola / Lenovo problem.


My understanding is that when used as Adoptable Storage, that the files become encrypted & are read ONLY by that specific device. So taking the SD card out & trying to read it in a PC would not work.  I don't know if PC software could recover media files as I am not sure that those are encrypted, photos, music, videos, but I'd think that you'd still have better success trying to find a file recovery app from the Google Play store to use  on the 3G, as on the 3G, the files should not be encrypted to apps. What file manager app are you using on the 3G?


Deleted files as you sound like you probably know, are not deleted but as I understand it, the space is "marked" for writing over when writing space is required. So, if this is the case with Android, then you'd best try to recover the files ASAP before writing new data to the 3G. So in theory, it should be possible to recover some of the files. Hopefully someone who has tried some Android file recovery apps for Adoptable Storage will offer some suggestions. I have only recovered files using an SD card as Portable Storage & in a PC using Recuva software on the PC.


I just took a look at the Google Play store & do not see Recuva but there are other apps to try, but be careful & try to do some web research via Google to see if there are any apps that are better than others. I'd do this via your PC first & when you do find app(s) to try, then use your G3 to install them, so as to avoid writing data, possibly over deleted files.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: How to recover files from an adopted Micro SD card in Moto 3g?

To recover files from SD card,you can use Android data recover tool,which can help you scan and recover the media files stored in SD card, including photos, videos, audio and documents.

There are many this tool on google,you can find one reliable.

Paper Tape
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Re: How to recover files from an adopted Micro SD card in Moto 3g?

As I know, Android data recovery can help us recover files from an adopted Micro SD card in Moto 3g. After connecting Moto 3g to pc, Android data recovery will scan out all files on SD card and list them out. Then you can preview and choose files you want to recover. 

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