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Paper Tape
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Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

I am considering getting a Moto G 3rd gen phone, but have read that the update from Lollipop to Marshmallow is not all that it could be and that folks are having issues with Mashmallow.


Q. On the G 3rd gen phones, is the update an optional thing or does the phone get updated automatically?


User experiences on this are welcome.


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Re: Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

I purchased a refurbished Moto G3 that came with v6.0 & this version seems to work very well. So far I have had zero problems & after MUCH playing & customizing. I have though disabled most Google & some other Apps like Farcebook & customized & refused permissions for many other apps. I have turned off many or most auto anything features, including in my Google Account.


My guess is, from past experience, that IF you have Auto Updates or Auto ???? set on your Google Account, then the device may update without your input. You can also set to update ONLY with WiFi but not Auto or to ask you first in your Google Account & Play store settings.


However, I have had devices, locked to a carrier, update immediately on boot, though I probably had the SIM card installed & I'm not sure it would have if the SIM card with data had not been installed, before I could go through the Phone settings & my Google Account settings to refuse ALL auto updates for apps & system / OS.


Other than the SD card storage options (I chose external storage) & now hidden app management, v6 is nothing better or worse. But I read that some folks are having problems with it. Though I haven't.

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Re: Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

I haven't had any issues with the Marshmallow update. In fact, if anything it seems to run better than Lollipop did.

Paper Tape
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Re: Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

My Moto G3 has been on Marshmallow for months with no issues. This is  3rd Moto phone in the family and all have been top notch given what they cost. Maybe the Marsmallow issues are more prevelant in certain countries.

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Re: Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

I did find one problem with my G3 Model XT1540 & Marshmallow, in that  OTG does not work natively any longer. It apparently did with previous OS versions. OTG only continuously cycles connected / not connected. I searched for solutions but found none from Motorola, other than one message from support saying that it is not part of the G3 capability. Some people in other countries seem to get it to work, but it's not clear or confirmed in their messages if they are on Marshmallow / v6.0+.


I found suggestions such as: clearing the Cache Partition, do a Factory Reset, both which I did & did not solve the OTG problem. I tried 3 OTG  cables, several different SD cards, formatted cards to FAT32. None worked. Cycle On / Off continued. My Moto E works fine with OTG.


I was able to make a quirky connection using file manager Total Commander & downloading a plug in for it. It works in a pinch, but hardly worth the trouble. I could really use OTG out in the field.


A powered USB hub supposedly also works, but I didn't bother trying it. I looked at & tried various device & app Moto G3 power settings but could not get the Moto G to run OTG.

Paper Tape
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Re: Marshmallow update on G 3rd gen

Do not buy this phone!!! The marshmallow update litterally will cause the phone to malfunction. Motorola customer service informed me that they consider this model to be at the end of its life and it is no longer being manufactured. this means if you need warranty replacement the only option is a refubished phone.