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Blue Screen Again
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MotoG 3rd(XT1550) gen Call drop and signal drop problem after system update jan2017

Hi Community,


I'm facing a weird problem. I purchased the handset from Flipkart India 11 months ago. I entered USA 7 months ago and started using Lyca mobile plus SIM (4G LTE) in my phone. Couple of weeks ago I have gotten the Android system update. After the update, I'm facing the severe problem with call drops and signal drops. The call disconnects within a minute when I'm inside the house and when I'm outside, it works for 3-5 min fine and then after drops. These are the following actions I tried,


Restarting the device in Safe mode

Changing the network type to 3G from 4G rebooting the device

Factory reset


None of the above worked and the issue still exists. The interesting thing is that, if I put my Lyca SIM into another I-phone, it work fine without call dropping inside the house at the same place which didn't work with Moto G3. I checked with carrier's customer care and they mentioned that there was no maintenance or no issues with the signal in my area. 


having said that, I strongly suspect that there is something wrong with the signal strength and the new android system update. When I was outside, it is working better without call drop at least for 5 min but when I'm indoor, it is happening for every call that I tried to make.


I wouldn't have wondered if it was not working outside also but this situation is somewhat confusing me. My Lyca SIM works with I-phone inside the house and works better (90%) outside the house with My Moto3G.


Any help would be greatly appreciated before I make a decision to purchase new phone.


Will the handset warranty be covered in the USA as I purchased the handset in India?