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Promo Codes | Moto G 3rd Gen


Sorry, if this is in the wrong section I'm quite new to the forums.

I just wanted to ask, are there currently any promo codes available?

I'm interested in buying the Moto G 3rd Gen, as I saw the price was quite affordable. However, I always take pictures, download apps, so I need a lot of memory. When I looked into the 16 gb storage/2gb ram edition, I found the price had sky rocketed. While you can add more memory, you can't add more RAM. So, I started searching for some promo codes to lessen the price, but could not find any.

So that's why I'm asking, are there any promo codes available at the moment? Any exclusive discounts for the Moto G 3rd Gen 16gb storage/2gb RAM? 



Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Promo Codes | Moto G 3rd Gen

Nothing available for a brand new phone that is selling out faster then it can be produced. 

If you take lots of pictures, then an SD card will solve that. RAM has nothing to do with downloaded apps, only running apps. If you are not multi-tasking with a lot of applications, then 1GB should be fine. 

As for the price - the difference is $40 between the 2 models. I would not say the price has skyrocketed. If you pack lunch vs. eating out, you should be able to save that in about 10 days time. 

The high end phones get sales incentives, but I have not seen anything for G or E - and if something does come out, it won't be for a few months - maybe around Christmas, but only if sales slow. 

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