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Paper Tape
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Right out of the heart of a moto g3 user.

First of all my Name is Lorenzo I've bought the motog3 because of it update supports and the price for what it can do. After 2 weeks when i bought it i received an update called marshmellow i was really happy with this update i still am. But when Android nougat came out i noticed something odds. The lack of support i knew that the motog3 wasnt getting another update. But it was to strange to believe it. So i still had faith in Motorola but when i came back to this forum i saw that the motog3  is only getting updated by cyanogenmod. I find this unfair because i bought up to 2 years of support so you can imagine my feeling. And ofcourse other buyers to. So we signed a petition to hear is but it had all no use. I find it sad that we are getting threated like this. We don't deserve this. It has lead it to me and probarly more motog3 and Moto E power. users to not buy any motorola phone . I didnt have to be this way.I still wish you  The Best - Lorenzo