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Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

Yeah, it's definitely an OS issue. I had no problems while on 5.1.1 - it all went south after the upgrade to 6.0 and 6.0.1 and that's with a Toshiba class 4 and a no- brand class 10 sd card, each being 16gb.

I also have my card configured for internal use. I think keeping it as an external would fix it up, but then, as my G3 is the 8gb variant, that is pretty much impossible.

So yeah, let's just hope Motorola issues a fix before or during the Nougat update! ☺

Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

I have the same issue despite purchasing the very best 32GB Class-10 card I could from a reputable reseller and being very careful with the device and what I do and do not install on the device.


Switching the phone off and on resolves the issue briefly.  I have both formatted and tested the card fully and it is giving no errors or issues.  The phone has also been factory reset.


After contacting Motorola support I have decided to send it in for repair.  Worst case it comes back with the same issue but because I have already sent it in for repair I should be able to get a refund more easily so I can go and buy something else (not Motorola).

Punch Card
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

Hi eprice01.


I understand you very well. Is very sad the decision you will take of going to other brand, just because the OS (I think) has been released with bugs, specially noticeable on 8 Gb internal memory phones, with the SD option. I think also that the Motorola G3 as well as other models are good piece of hardware. As I mentioned, with Lollypop the phone works just fine... always with an eye on the internal memory use, but all is under control, it behaves as we can expect.


With MM all changed, now you don't know what the OS is doing and why is doing it . Ah work a mate of mine got the same phone as myself, a Moto G 3rd Gen. She received it, as mine, with Android 5.1.1. She installed a few appls, FB, WhatsApp, GOOD, and a couple more. On my phone, I have a lot more of apps, and I have some on the SD card, the ones I can. On the internal memory I have about 1,20 Gb Free, and I try to keep it that way. The phone works great keeping that mem free.


My mate decided to upgrade to MM. Before the upgrade, she had 1/3 of the 4,53 Gb user available memory in use, no SD card in her case. Then she upgraded... after that, she has only 800 Mb. free... what happened?? Why all the memory that was free now is used? Shouldn't MM be more efficient? Now her phone become a problem to use.


Summarazing... Google is converting a good brand, at least for some models, in an useless one. A real pity.




Fanfold Paper
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

While I think it is primarily an OS thing I've googled it a number of times and by far the top results relate to the Moto 3g. So there seems to be something happening either in the interaction between the OS and the hardware or between the particular Motorola/Lenovo flavour of the OS and the hardware. If I could I would happily wind back to lollipop but I am only computer literate, not Tech savvy. I loved the MotoG when I first got it. Much better than my HTC desire 4g. Cheaper too! I hate what has happened to it. If there was a Motorola Lenovo fix I would be happy but nothing seems to be forthcoming. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

I suspect the same.


My G3 is 9 weeks old. Worked fine for the first 4 weeks, then began getting the message the SD card wasn't inserted. At first, this resolved by rebooting the phone. Over a period of 2 weeks, this occurred more and more frequently until finally, the phone didn't recognize the SD card at all.


I did a factory reset. I bought a new SD card. I've had it installed for a week. Thought all was well and good until yesterday - SURPRISE! Got the message again. Rebooted. Worked fine for the remainder of the day.


Today, tried to open an app (that's on the SD card) - and the phone froze then shut down. Upon turning it back on, once again it told me to reinsert the SD card. Rebooted. Now it sees it again.


I know this is "the beginning of the end" and it's only a matter of time until the phone kills THIS SD card, too.


I don't have a lot of $, which is why I bought the G3 in the first place. I cannot afford to buy a new SD card every couple of weeks, and I shouldn't HAVE to.


I am extremely frustrated with Lenovo/Motorola and their silence on this issue.


There is a problem. Why aren't they addressing it?

Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

Twirly Girl's question is right on. This is Motorola/Lenovo's forum. Don't they read it? How can they expect to have satisfied customers if they remain silent on issues like this. Any response from a Motorola/Lenovo spokesperson would be better than none: even if it's just that they can't solve the problem.

Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

For me the same problem was showing for SanDisk card, but now I have replced the card by its working what kind of problem is this ????
Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

I replaced the 3 SanDisk UHS-1 32GB cards that have failed on me with a Kingston class 4 32GB card three weeks ago.  No problems so far, but it's too soon to declare a victory.


I've also noticed that the problem occurs on files that I write to with the phone itself, so to try and coax the problem out, I'm constantly deleting and re-downloading .MP3 files that I use frequently.


Has anyone else tried a non SanDisk SD card and had any issues?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

I started with a Samsung EVO UHS-1 card and got the card too slow  / card missing errors on Marshmallow. Then purchased a Sandisk Ultra Plus UHS-1 and got the same errors. 

After clearing cache and finally  factory reset of phone (as recommended by Motorola Support) and reformating  sandisk card to internal the errors still persisted. 


So I thought what the heck, may as well go back to the Samsung card I started with before buying a third SD card.

I still got the card too slow message but after a week so far no "card missing" or any other type of card data error.

Will I be surprised if the error comes back after a while, no, but so far so good.


Soooo, without doing a controlled scientific study on the G3 and SD cards I'm not really sure what the answer is at this point.


 If I do get the errors again I've read a couple places about people trying even faster SD cards like the SanDisk Extreme and having better luck

Paper Tape
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Re: SD Card Missing Please Reinsert

Well I use a Toshiba class 4 16gb and I'm presently going through hell with it.

Does anyone know the proper means to get the Lenovo folk to fix this problem- at least in Nougat?