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What's DOS?
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SD card not registering, supposedly data is backed up somewhere...

So, I've got the same problem as a whole bunch of people on here, my Moto G 3 hates my SD card. Pretty sure it also managed to wipe all the photos I had on it. Which is just fantastic. Now, the thing is, my phone says its got an auto backup to my gmail account. But I'm beginning to think that that's {removed} because I can't find it anywhere. Browsed google's forums and this one and not seeing anything that tells me where exactly I can check to see if anything survived this phone's idiocy.

So... anyone know if this auto-backup actually exists? I've now set up a sync to my google account through google photos but that doesn't save anything I've already lost...
My SD card was formatted as internal and my laptop won't read it. My last chance seems to be this magical auto backup. Where does Motorola send my data? It would just be so lovely to know.


I'd really like to save these photos. I've pretty much given up hope but I'd like to check all my options first.


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Re: SD card not registering, supposedly data is backed up somewhere...

If it was set up to automatically backup image files, then the images should be in a folder in your Google Drive account, which is a different app than your Google Account but accessible from your Google Account, just like GMail is a different app but also accessible from your Google Account. Images are backed up to Google Drive (which is Google's Cloud Storage) & which you should be able to check via the Google Drive app on your device or via your PC by logging in to your Google Account (then look for the box in the top right of the screen which has more apps) or log directly into your Google Drive Account. Google Drive


But while the option is sometimes automatic when a device is initially set up, it also depends on the device connectivity for the back up to actually happen. Eg. I have very slow & inconsistant internet access, so my image & music files often didn't get transferred to Google Drive because of it being too slow between connections or losing or closing the connection. So in the end, I turned off the auto backup feature for my Google Account. Instead I do it manually to external hard drives, vs. the cloud services & that is also much faster for me.


Even if set up as internal storage, media files, or image & music & video files can be seen & backed up to a PC while the SD card is in your device. Though it may be too late now.