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Liked my G4 more than my Galaxy S8. But i need to upgrade.

2019-05-11, 12:01 PM

Hi All,  I love my G4 though haven't used it as my daily in a year or two. Here are a few things that stand out sto me compared to my newer higher end Samsung Galaxy S8...   


1. Super bright screen; way brighter than the S8. I cycle prolificially an Sat Nav everywhere, and the G4 is at least 20% brighter, if not 30%.

2. Super light. Yeah I liked it is super light though many think that feels cheap. I liked how I can even stash a credit card under the easiy removale back cover. 

3. Haptic feedback. I've never managed to get  the haptic feedback to work on my S8 like it does on my G4, so in a many ways, to me,  the G4 really seems sleeker, lighter, and more premium than the much more expensive S8! 

4. Nano coating for modest protection in the rain (it's still going even though it's been mapping me in more than one rainstorm. That's not a standout as the S8 has an IP rating, but it is significant for such a cheap phone. 


I also love the dual sim option. What killed it though was the paltry 16GB memory, and struggles with battery life ( still the same on the S8 though). 


So I think I want to go back to Motorola, but I'm unsure of what model to get? They seem to have done away with the plastic backing and phones seem heavier?  I also can't find anything that compares brightness, which I didn't realize was so vital until i moved to the dissapointing S8. Yes, the S8 has a beautiful display, but not for cycling outside!


My original G4 cost only 130 pounds new, while the  S8 was 300 pounds used. And I just smashed the screen of the S8 so hard to justify that a new screen costs more than a new Moto!  


I wonder your thoughts on the G5, G6, G7?  or other moto models?  Are any of them super bright? I need at least 64GB, 


As it happens with the ability to stash a credit card I was able to use my G4 without a case, making it even sleeker and lighter still. I put a quad lock directly on the back and could just connect it directly to the bike.  


Overall the Moto G4 as a bike computer blows away my garmin 800 and at one quarter the price!  Just the battery life kills it as a serious cycling device really, (though I rigged up external battery of course).  I own a Hammerhead Karoo too and still prefer the G4. 


Appreciate your thoughts. 

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