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Agent_Liz Moto Emeritus
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Looking for help with your Moto phone?



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Looking for help with your Moto G 1st Gen here? We have many great resources you can turn to, in addition to posting here on this community for help.

  • FAQs for Moto X Pure
  • Troubleshooter for Moto G 1st Gen walks you through the process of identifying and resolving a variety of issues.
  • User manual for Moto G 1st Gen - download here
  • Quick start guide for Moto G 1st Gen - download here. 
  • Will my device receive an upgrade? When? How? Check it out here!
  • Can the bootloader on my device model be unlocked? How? Find out here

In addition, here are some great general Android resources:

And of course, you can post here, in your device community, for help.


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Re: Looking for help with your Moto phone?


My MOTO G touch screen stopped working. I resatrted multiple time, cleared cache but nothing helped. Could you please tell me how to get this fixed?



Paper Tape
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Re: Looking for help with your Moto phone?

your device does not qualify to unlock problem in motorola xt1030 plz help me how to unlock that plz.........

Paper Tape
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Re: Looking for help with your Moto phone?

Hi, I have a Moto G phone from Consumer cellular android version 5.1. I am not sure which generation the phone is but it would be nice to know how to tell which generation I have.


I do  need some help please.  I cannot get a separate tone JUST for text messaging on my phone.  It is rolled in under "default notifications" so I have to keep checking my texts every time I hear the default notification sound.  It would really be nice to be able to give text messages their own sound becausa I do alot of texting with my daughter and friends while they are at work.


I am not the most savvy computer or cell phone person but I am guessing the only way I can get a separate tone would be to download a different app for texting instead of using the one that comes with my phone...or do I have to go that far?  Please let me know and thank you for the assistance.