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Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5 PLUS with a Wifi Authentication Problem

I am having the same problem setting up working WIFI on the MOTO G5 PLUS.


My wife and I just purchased 2 MOTO G5 PLUS on 09/16/2017, at Best Buy in Southern Claifornia.  


We have a working Motorola SBG6560 router.  There are 3 laptops, 4 tablets, 4 smart phones (Samsung S3, S4, LG, and HTC), a desktop, and 2 HP printers working on the router.


When I tried to connect the G5 PLUS phones to the MOTOROLA router, both phones show that the Router name is stored, and shown as "saved", but did not connect automatically.  When I press the connect button, they both display the same "Authentation error".


What needs to be done?


I tried the same rebooting, deleting and retyping the SSID and passcode several times.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto G5 PLUS with a Wifi Authentication Problem

I had the same issue as far as having an authentication problem when trying to connect to my wifi. What I ended up doing was when I went into my settings, wifi then all of the available wifi's populate including mine. Instead of selecting mine I went to the bottom of the list where it says something like add a new network, select that, then type in the name of your network, select the security setting you need, (mine was wap2) then follow the rest of the instructions and I connected right away after doing this. My girlfriend son showed me this. I was frustrated as hell by then.


Hope this helps

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G Wifi Authentication Problem

I was having this exact issue. No way to hook up to my home router. I'm not sure if what I did will help everyone as my home router is pretty simple, and I'm in the USA. *Please note* My router has a WPS button for sync. Others may have a WPS PIN entry, Passpoint, etc. You'll need to find what works with your router. You will have a choice. Also, this is an issue with my Moto G6.


1) Go to settings

2) Go to Network & Internet

3) Go to Wi-Fi

4) You'll see a list of networks.... scroll until you see Wi-Fi preferences

5) Touch Advanced

6) Touch WPS Push Button on the phone, then touch the WPS button on your router if you have one. 

7) Follow prompts on cell.


You should be ready to go with this specific set-up.


Good Luck!


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