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What's DOS?
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Moto G has developed white lines on screen

I purchased a Moto G from Amazon in February 2014. The phone has suddenly developed white lines and blurring all over the screen. Taking a screenshot doesn't show the problem; the screenshot comes out clear so I took a photo of the phone itself. The lines fade in and out depending in is on the screen at the time. Icons or images with lighter colours seem to aggravate the white lines, the darker areas are a lot more faded. The only strange thing that I can pinpoint was the screen glitched and flashed erratically a couple of times right before these lines appeared.

I contacted Amazon and they have shipped a free replacement. However, since I do not live in the US I will have to pay for shipping the defective phone back to them as well as Customs clearance of the new one. I just wanted to post the issue in case other people have the same problem as I could not find any references to this online anywhere.


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Re: Moto G has developed white lines on screen

Hey raqseds,

that is most likely a hardware issue. You were right sending it back to Amazon.

Thanks for sharing!