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Blue Screen Again
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XT1039 No service, Aeroplane mode - cant make\receive text\calls

About 4 days ago phone lost ability to send\receive text\calls.  I got it back somehow by fiddling around, but the next day it went again, and problem has persisted for last 2 days now.


“No Service” displayed, when I dial a number it says “Radio off” and “To place a call, first turn off Aeroplane mode”


Have tried turn off\turn on

Taking it in and out of flight mode

Safe boot option

Removed SIM and extra data card

Letting the battery deplete until phone powers off

Leaving it powered off for couple of hours

Turning off\on wifi\bluetooth\mobile data

Dialled *Removed*  “Run Ping Test” passes, but the “Turn On Radio” button does not do anything.  IMEI is displayed, but not phone number, network type defaults to “LTE/GSM auto (PRL)” after reboot.

Changed preferred network type from 4G to 3G and back again

Tried searching for networks ”Error while searching for networks”


I don’t unfortunately have another device to swap sims around in


Moto G 4G XT1039 running 5.1, everything else e.g wifi works fine


I did enter the Fastboot menu screen from power up, but there my knowledge ends, and I suspect I am into Factory reset mode territory or similar.


Please can someone describe some more simple line by line troubleshooting steps to take, with any backup precautions I should take first, together with the type of data I am likely to lose if I start doing e.g factory resets, software reloads, wiping cache partition, etc, etc.


Many thanks


Edited: Removed Manual dialling code!

Bit Torrent
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Re: XT1039 No service, Aeroplane mode - cant make\receive text\calls

1:Wiping the Cache partition you will lose nothing.


2:If you have a Google account go Settings>Accounts>Google and un-tick and re-tick all things you use but be connected via Phone Data or WiFi so it's a fresh re-sync.


3:You can backup photos via the cloud using Google Drive and the Photos app or via USB cable to a PC/Computer however you have to make sure the USB is a Data and charge cable,not just a,"Charge Only Cable.You might need to install the Motorola USB drivers for the PC,


It does no harm to do a Factory reset and in fact I recommend everyone with a Smartphone learns how to back them up and do one.It's quite common on Android phones that when they update the operating system the phones can get clogged and a Factory reset/fresh start will install the update correctly and keep the phones running smooth.


If after this you still have problems then I would look to replacing the Sim-Card as they do fail.With my provider they have a,"Sim-Swap" procedure whereby we can get a Blank unused Sim-Card and online swap from the Faulty one to a new good one.This  disables the old one so is also useful if the phone gets lost or stolen.


HTH Smiley Happy





Blue Screen Again
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Re: XT1039 No service, Aeroplane mode - cant make\receive text\calls

Thanks for your reply and suggestions.  Wiping the cache did not fix the issue and my SIM worked in another phone ok, so I deduced it was the phone at fault.

Thanks anyway.