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A2DP Bluetooth Volume pop-up message

2015-03-08, 14:05 PM

This is a request for Motorola software development team(s).

Use case: When driving I always keep my phone in my pocket to avoid any driver distraction. I have Bluetooth car kits in all my cars. I made an app, available on the Play Store to manage the volume and many other things when connecting to Bluetooth so I can keep my phone in my pocket. You can see the open source project on Google Code called A2DP Volume . Bluetooth receivers generally require the volume in Android to be at the max. My app does this for your and is configured for each Bluetooth device you connect to.  The car handles the attenuation of the volume, not the phone. Unfortunately your devices (and only your devices) have this horribly annoying pop-up that blocks the volume control. This pop-up is completely pointless. It does nothing more than annoy people but in the case of the car kit it is actually dangerous. When my phone connects I am usually already moving. A few minutes later I want to listen to music so I use the Bluetooth control to start the music. However I can't hear it because of that pop-up. So now I have to pull my phone out and interact with it causing a major driver distraction. Now your stupid pop-up can cause an accident.

Recommendation: Remove the pop-up message that blocks volume adjustment please!!!! You have a great opportunity with the Lollipop roll-out. This should be a very quick fix. The pop-up is not just annoying, it is dangerous!


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Re: A2DP Bluetooth Volume pop-up message

2015-03-08, 16:23 PM

Boy do I ever agree. My Droid Maxx is my first smartphone so I assumed all phones were made this way. Ridiculous!


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Re: A2DP Bluetooth Volume pop-up message

2015-03-12, 15:36 PM

I agree that popup is annoying.  Mine only does it the first time after a reboot though.  Once you acknowledge it, it does not recur.  Edit:  That's on my device.  I don't use that app so I'm unfamiliar with it. 

The popup itself is not dangerous.  The user deciding to look at the popup while driving is dangerous.  Pull over first. 

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