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Re: Moto X 2Gen died and won't turn on

2016-06-20, 23:53 PM

I have an Moto X2 that I got the display reinstalled and afterwards didn't turn on, when I plug the charger the screen shows the charging bar but the phone wont turn on, I tried booting it via my mac but I couldnt get it working, do you have any idea of what should I do? Tried doing the fastboot with the volume down and power and didnt work.


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Re: Moto X 2Gen died and won't turn on

2016-07-23, 14:12 PM

I found out what the problem to this is, its because your battery reaches ~30% and at this point it turns off and is then very difficult to recharge. Why, I dont't know, but this is the reason. 


You have to let your phone recharge for 30 mins up to anything like 1 day and then hold down the power button for as long as 3 minutes.


I had this problem and the above resolved it, BUT I now have to ensure my phone battery level doesn't drop!


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Re: Moto X 2Gen died and won't turn on

2016-07-25, 13:08 PM

I've had this happen to me several times. It's never fun. However, it's never been fatal.


#1 make sure that you have a high quality cord and charger.


Then, as others have posted, plug the phone into the charger and let it sit for 15min or so.


Next, press and hold the power button for several minutes. I don't think that 10min is necessary, but at least 3min should do the trick. I've also found that this works better if you are holding the volume down button also, like you are booting into recovery. work through the recovery menu to reboot the device and it should finally boot up and then allow for proper charging.


Without holding the power button the phone is unable to pull a charge and regardless of how long you let it charge, i've never been able to get it to finally boot. 


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Re: Moto X 2Gen died and won't turn on

2016-11-21, 10:30 AM

I had this issue too and got it to work after plugging it into a turbo charger / stock charger with stock cable.  My charger said it uses 9v/1.6amps for turbo 1 and 12v/1.6amps for turbo 2. This issue first arose last night when my phone was at around 15% battery life and then suddenly turned to 0% and turned off. I tried plugging it in, but it stayed  at 1% for some reason. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in. This time, it just kept showing the white screen with a charging icon (black and white battery with lightning bolt). But it never got passed this. It just vibrated, got to that charging screen, then turned off and looped through these 3 steps over and over again until the green light came on. At this point, the only things I could do were to get to Recovery by holding Vol Down, or unplugging the charger and replugging it back in only to have the same thing happen. I left my charger in all night.


It's kind of interesting how the phone lets you get to the Recovery Screen but it wont take a charge... :(


I woke up the next morning and the green light was still on. I tried powering it on but it didn't work. I just tried plugging it into my PC/Desktop, but that didn't work either. I left it plugged in for about 5 minutes. Then... I got my stock charger and cable. I plugged it in and I noticed that the phone still vibrated on and off, but this time it was a lot faster! Then after 4-5 loops, I finally saw a red sliver of juice on the battery icon and it said 0%. Then turned off again. So I held the powerbutton down while it was on this turbo/stock charger for about 1 minute and then let it charge again. This time i got 1%! 


Since the beginning of writing this post to right now (~ 6 minutes), the phone is now at 20%!. But it's pretty hot, I think thats because of the turbo charging. It worked!

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