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What's DOS?
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Trying to download pics off phone

Hello  ANY help is appreciated.


I have a Moto X 1st Gen and I need to get the photos off the phone.  It sustained heavy damage a few years ago and it's been sitting ever since.  HOWEVER, photos on it are from family gatherings and my uncle has recently died.


So, here's the complications.  Wifi does not work.  I think it took a heavy shock when the phone broke moons ago and stopped working.  It can find wifi spots, but cannot connect to them. Says it's having authentication problems. It also says the signal is poor even though you're sitting right by the router.


The MicroUSB port is buggered up somehow. I cannot get it to recognize a USB connection to the computer at all.  It'll charge when the phone is off, but with the phone on, it just sits there and does nothing.


ANY help in pointing me to the right direction to download the pictures would be fantastic.  The screen is in great shape and the software works-ish.  Once I get the pics off, if anyone wants it for parts can have it.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Trying to download pics off phone

First make sure you're using a USB Data cable as some are charge only.


Then make sure you have these USB drivers istalled on the Computer,


See if you can get something and from the Notification Drop-Down menu,







Also see if you can get Bluetooth to work.


Also did the photos ever get synced to Google photos?


Check here,