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What's DOS?
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how to get puk to unlock sim card

I locked my sim card messing around with my moto-x any idea how to unlock it. ive never locked it before

What's DOS?
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Re: how to get puk to unlock sim card

Have you resolved?

I did the exact same thing.  I didn't activate my Moto X phone thru T mobile yet while waiting on two other phones for family.  So I messed around with wifi, camera etc.  Then decided to put a screen lock pin on the phone.  Next thing I know it is PUK locked.  T mobile said they can't help since it was never activated but Motorola can do it.  Was on phone for little over an hour with Motorola and they transferred me back to T mobile where level 3 tech support had a crack at it.  Conclusion, possibly go activate it at T mobile store then they might be able to unlock.  Otherwise start over with new sim card.  Ordinarilly you would just contact your carrier and they verify you are the owner and they give you the PUK code. Good luck!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: how to get puk to unlock sim card. But mine is a Moto g6 forge


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