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Have a Broken TNXXX series Power Cord?

2012-11-05, 18:09 PM

  Hi all.  After being exposed to many, many TNXXX series PND`s over the last few years, I have come across many used units with bad power cords after they were used for a length of time.  The most common failure, usually occurs at  the mini-plug end......the end of the power cord, that plugs into the cradle.

    Since this mini-end plug is molded closed, it`s virtualy impossible to open up to fix any bad wire connection.  So after months of searching, just a few days ago, I found a perfect replacement mini-plug assy, making for an easy repair since we can not get a replacement directly from Motorola or any other affiliated souce. 

     The replacement item that will work, has  a part number of CA-2221, and is available now from Digi-Key.  To order one of these, you first have to register with Digi-Key, which takes approx. 24-48 hours to get a verfifiation from, after filling out a short online ordering form.

    Once you recieve your new replacement mini-plug, cord assy, you`ll have to match it up properly to your existing Motorola Power Cord.  In order to do this, you`ll have to do the following.....first, cut off the bad mini-plug end on your original power cord, then splice back the harness to expose the 4 wires .......they will be "red", "green", "black" and "blue".....

      Next, strip the insulation back a litle bit of each wire.  Then, twist the "red" and "green" wire together to make one single wire end (on the original Motorola power plug asssy). 

      Connect the single wire end (the "red" and "green" wires that are now twisted together) and connect that, to the single "red" wire of the new harness replacement item. and then insulate this connection with either electrical tape, or heat shrink tubing...

      Next, connect the "black" wire (from the original Motorola power plug) to the "black" wire, of the new replacement harness.  Again, insulate tihis connection too.

      Next step.....connect the "blue" wire (from the original Motorola power plug) to the "GREEN" wire, of the new replacement harness.....insulate this connection also, and now you are done. 

       You can now use your original Motorola power cord again when plugged into the cradle, just like it worked when it was brand new.

      I have checked, and double checked, the charging rate to the PND itself, and all other funcions, including recieving traffic reports, and all work perfectly..

      I hope this tip, will help those who need to have thier power cords repaired/fixed. 


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