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What's DOS?
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Motorola T505 microphone problem

I purchased a Motorola T505 online yesterday and I just got it delivered today. Everything is working seamlessly, I was listening to my music on my iPhone 4s through the FM transmitter, then I had a client call me. I can hear them in perfect quality through my car stereo speakers, but they could not hear me at all. When I got back to the office, I got some of my colleagues to call me and we discovered that if I don't have the microphone 1 inch away from my mouth yelling, the person on the other end hears silence. When I am yelling into the mic, they said the can only hear me extremely softly, not even being able to make out words to carry out a conversation.

I then paired it with a really old phone I found (at least 7 years old). For a couple of seconds, you could hear my voice come through clearly, but then reverted back to what it was doing with my iPhone 4s.

The instruction manual which came with the device did not cover this scenario under troubleshooting. I have however taken it upon myself to test it with several different cell phones, restarted the device and my cell phone numerous times, ensured that the T505 was fully charged and I have un-paired/re-paired my phone with the T505 several times as well. Despite all this, the problem persists. Also, I have checked the Motorola website and the iPhone 4s is compatable with the T505.

I am disapointed because these are very hard to come across here in Australia and everything else works so brillantly. The FM transmitter quality makes my music sound fantastic, and as I said before, I can even hear the person on the other end perfectly. They just can't hear me. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

What's DOS?
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Re: Motorola T505 microphone problem

I realize your post is 2 1/2 years old but did you ever find a solution for this. Mine has just started doing it also.