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What's DOS?
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TN765- Updates & "How To"....

Have had my TN765 for several months and finally thought I'd see if there were any map updates or software updates. 

My understanding is that no, there are not going to be any.


1.  With the following information, does it sound like we are as up to date as we can be:


OS V V5.11.00

Maps 2009 . Q4

2009 Navteq 100426


2.  What is the "toolbox" that everyone is referring to?  Where did you learn how to do the updates in the firstplace?  I've not found anything online or in the "owners maual".


3.  With our home address in the unit, it actually indicates that it would be about 5 houses down the street from our actual house.  Anyway to address this for accuracy?


Love our unit...too bad it's not going to "grow old" with me like I had hoped!


Thanks for your assistance...Annie



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Re: TN765- Updates & "How To"....

Welcome to the forum, Annie

    To answer your first question about the toolbox.....the link to download it, is on the MotoExtra`s site....  

Once you dowload and register here in that area, you can now use the mini-usb cable, that came with your device, and connect it to your pc (it has to be a Windows based pc...) and with the toolbox application "open", and you have inserted your usb cable, you can now turn your unit into the "on' position, and wait for the gps to bootup, and the gps screen will change and say 'USB...."

 After a few moments, you should see a pop up screen on your pc, saying "device found", and on the top of the toolbox screen area, it`ll show "TN765t/TN765"  Once fully connected, you`ll get  a pop up screen in the toolbox area, asking you if you wish to backup your device now.  I highly, highly recommend, selecting "Yes".....and the backup will start immediately.  On the average (depending on your pc....) it should take appox. 10 minutes, or less, depending on your O/S of your pc. 

    While your backing up your unit, look at "available updates" tab, located around the middle area of the toolbox screen, and since your unit is all up to date, there shouldn`t be any available updates, but if there were, THAT is where you would proceed to download any updates if availalble. 

  Now, before you start either process (doing a backup, or an update, or a "restore if you should ever have to do it...) alwaqys make sure your unit is fully charged before doing anything in this toolbox area.  Otherwise, unfortunate things could possibly happen. 

    After doing a backup, or any updates, always use the "safely remove" option on your pc, when disconnecting the mini-usb cord......right after disconnecting your mini-usb cord, your unit will now bootup to the normal map screen.   Hope this info helps you out.... say that your actual address is about 5 houses off from what your gps says.   That is a common occurance with many brands of gps units.  Should you want it to be exact (your gps..) I would suggest, that when you are parked in your driveway, and the unit "on", and the map screen is showing, lightly touch the screen (right next to your vehicle icon) and hold your finger there for a couple of seconds...a different screen will appear, with a red triangle appearing, with  two adjoing icons right above it.  One of those icons will be an "exclamation point", and the other will be a checkered flag, if you select the "exclamation point icon", you`re side panel will open, and you have a choice there of either "go" , or "make favorite", select "make favorite", and then (when it`s actually in, "favorites",) you can then rename that favorite to "home".   You can use that method to mark anywhere you want to save, that doesn`t show an address in your "dashboard", located in the left hand side panel.

What's DOS?
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Re: TN765- Updates & "How To"....

MOTOEXTRAS Toolbox no longer showing "latest" map updates.

The map updates function is running a spinning icon endlessly now. Does anyone have a full TN765 backup with the latest map and device software updates that were available?

If so, please PM me!

Thanks so much in advance!