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Re: Admiral Camera Problems

AndyZon said:

 hey mark, yes i'm still here. Smiley Happy I've been out of town for a few days.  FYI my camera started working just out of the blue.  Not sure why.  I need to talk to the store and see what thier plans are for the advanced replacement.  When they let me know it is in, i'll give you their contact info so you can take a look at it. thanks

 If it happens again. Please leave it in that state and reply to  this thread. I'd like to get the phone back directly and I can provide a replacement.

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Re: Admiral Camera Problems

I realize this is a super-old thread, but I get this error message all the time using the default camera app. A soft reset fixes it for a short period. Also, sometimes opening up the camcorder app will work, and from there I can switch to the camera app. The first time I can definitely remember this happening was June of 2012. It's been happening consistently intermittently since then.